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MY 2010 Winning Salsa

June 27, 2010

MY Salsa

I have included below the recipes for MY Salsa, the MY Cilantro Lime Sour-Cream Crema Mexicana Accompaniment Dip and MY Mango and Pistachio Lassi. The Salsa may be hot for some, so the dip is to cool off the heat effect for those who are sensitive. The Lassi is a nice and sweet counter balance for the heat in the Salsa too…Cheers!

MY Salsa’s Recipe

**Always wash produce well, and rinse herbs thoroughly before using in any recipe**

Salsa Ingredients (makes ½ gallon):

* 20 – 24 (depending on their size) nicely ripened roma tomatoes

* 11/2 lbs of nice and ripe sweet cherub tomatoes

* 6 medium-sized organic carrots

* 3 cloves of garlic

* 2 small to medium sized yellow onions

* 6 – 8 fresh habanero chilies (depending on their sizes, and level of heat desired)

* 1 – 2 bunches of cilantro (depending on their size)

* 4 nice, large, and juicy limes with a nice smooth and bright green colored skin

* 2 cups (or more) of a good quality extra virgin olive oil

* 3 Tablespoons of ground cumin

* 3 Tablespoon of ground coriander

* 3 Tablespoons of freshly ground caraway seed

* Freshly ground black pepper and good quality sea salt


1). Lightly roast the roma tomatoes under your broiler, until their skins take on some color and start to peel off – roasting times will vary from oven to oven. Reserve them until later.

2). Wash , peel, and cut the carrots into small pieces and reserve them until later.

3). Peel and chop the onions to a medium diced size.

4). Remove skin from garlic cloves and reserve them until later.

5). Wearing gloves, wash and reserve the habanero chilies until later.

Pan roast the carrots over medium heat in olive oil until they start to take on color (for about 3 minutes), add the onions and chilies and cook them until they take on color and the chilies are broken open (for about 2 – 4 minutes), add the garlic cloves and cook them until they start to turn golden in color. While cooking the carrots, onions, chilies, and garlic add the ground cumin, coriander, ground caraway seed, salt, and pepper. When everything is cooked well, but not burnt, remove the pan from the heat.

Place the tomatoes and the carrot, chile, onion, and garlic mixture in a food processor and chop until everything is at a nice texture – not in a completely liquid state, so the salsa base should still have small chunks in it. Place the base into a container and hold in a refrigerator until it is cooled.

6). Wash and finely chop the cilantro, and reserve until later.

7). Wash and thoroughly dry limes. Remove zest (the green part of the skin – not the white part under the green, it is bitter) from the limes, and squeeze them for their juice. Reserve the zest and juice until later.

8). Thoroughly wash, dry, quarter, and de-seed the small cherub tomatoes, and reserve them until later.

Fold into cilantro, lime zest and juice, and the quartered tomatoes into the salsa base and re-wrap the container– then hold the salsa until served in the refrigerator, for upto 3 days.

MY Cilantro, Lime, Sour Cream, and Crema Mexicana Accompaniment Dip Recipe

Dip Ingredients:

*12 ounces of good quality Crema Mexicana

* 8 ounces of Sour Cream

* 1 ounce of fresh chives

* 1 bunch of fresh cilantro

* 2 nice, large, and juicy limes with a nice smooth and bright green colored skin

* Freshly ground black pepper and good quality sea salt


1). Thoroughly mix together the Crema Mexicana and the Sour Cream, until very smooth.

2). Finely chop the chives, and reserve them for later.

3). Finely chop the cilantro, and reserve it for later.

4). Remove the zest and juice from the limes, and juice them both for later.

Fold the chives, cilantro, and the lime zest and juice into the Crema Mexicana and Sour Cream mixture until thoroughly and completely smooth and incorporated well throughout the dip. Taste for seasoning, and add the salt and pepper as needed. Once the dip is completed, then place it in a container, and wrap it tightly. Refrigerate the dip, for upto three days.

MY Mango and Pistachio Lassi Recipe

**This recipe contains nuts, so always check for nut allergy issues with those eating it**

Lassi Ingredients:

* 3 cups of Greek Yoghurt

* 3 cups of cold water

* 11/2 cups of really good and sweet mango

* 2 Tablespoons (more if needed, check for sweetness level) of superfine caster sugar

* 1 cup of whole milk

* 4 ounces of slightly crushed, unsalted, and shelled pistachios


1). Place yoghurt, milk, water, sugar, and fruit  into a blender, and purée until smooth.

2). If there are no nut allergy issues for those drinking it, garnish top of drink with the pistachios.

Tightly cover and place the finished Lassi, which is in a pitcher, in the refrigerator and hold for service. Serve well chilled, and within 3 – 5 days.

**Always check for nut allergy issues with pistachios for those drinking the Lassi**

New Restaurant Find – Also listed on the “Restaurant Finds” page

September 21, 2009

So, a few weekends ago we went to a great restaurant. Not only have we been there quite often over the last several years, but we feel that it has some of the best service in town – thanks to Mehdi! It has great ambience…an old house that has been re-modeled many years ago into a great place, but it does not look old at all. It has the most comfortable seating for having a martini, glass of wine, or drink with your special someone, and the food has always been consistently really good!! Not only does it have all of that going for it, but the prices and the quality of selections available on the menu are always great and worth what you pay. Be sure to have a “Dirty Martini,” or two, because they are the best we have found! 

The last time we were there, we had the Pomodori di Caprese appetizer. It is a really nice Fresh Buffalo Mozzarella and Tomato dish, with fresh basil, a good quality extra-virgin olive oil, and freshly cracked pepper. It is a great appetizer that would go well with a nice Rose from Provence, which is South France, or a great Italian Rose. They had neither, but their Prosseco worked out really well!

The main dinner salad is always nice. Though it is not huge, it does not have to be. The apps, main courses, and desserts are enough by the evening’s end. It is a simple salad of nice greens, with a wedge of cheese and a nice tomato slice. It comes dressed with a very nice oil dressing and cracked pepper…it is a good start to a really nice meal.

For the entre, I had the Costoletta di Vitella…a bone-in Veal chop, with a really great Marsala Wine Sauce and sauted mushrooms. It is great, and we had a bottle of Villa Antinori from Tuscany to go with the dinner. It came with a side of pasta, in a really nice and light tomato sauce. The chops are always done right, and it is a big plate – but not so big that you can’t have dessert!

The desserts are not on the menu, but the list is fairly short. They are all really good, and the waiter can tell you all about them from memory! We had the Spumoni, which is an Italian ice-cream dish that goes great with the Fonseca Port…or just a coffee, which is good there too!

It was a little pricey, but we felt it was well worth it. For all of the great service and ambience, the great appetizers, the really nice wines and drinks, as well as the great desserts – it was about $200.00, before the tip.

It is always easy to get in and seated there, without ever feeling like we had to wait any time at all. Everyone is always nice, and not just because we are spending money there. Also, you can go to just have dessert if you like, at anytime in the evening. We found out is not always possible, at other places.

I suggest you go there, we do…it is always great! It is at Fredricksburg and Wurzbach, in the Medical Center…their number is 210-696-2536.

Cheers, and Bunno Appetito! MDY.


September 16, 2009

This is PaPi! He is resting, so he can play with SoHo later today.



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