“About Me”

Hi, welcome to the “About Me” page for “MYCulinaryBlog.” Please take some time to look through my blogsite’s pages for various types of information about food, wine, and travel. Soon, I will be adding more info, pics, and various other things often…so check back soon, because you never know what new things you will find!

My name is Monte D. Young, PC CSW, and I am a Personal Chef and a Certified Specialist of Wine. In 2008, I graduated from the Culinary Institute of America – San Antonio, and I obtained my CSW through the Society of Wine Educators. Also, I have taken the International Sommelier Guild’s Foundation Level 1 & 2 Wine Courses, and I plan to continue on to more advanced wine and food certifications.

My beautiful wife’s name is Margret, and we have 2 beautiful puppies named PaPi & SoHo.
Cheers and Bon Appétit! MDY, PC CSW.


One Response to ““About Me””

  1. Margret Young Says:

    Congratulations on your newblog. ILU!


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